About Mollys Rhymes

Hi my name is Jill Leonard and I have been visiting playgroups, nursery’s and primary schools with Molly who explains valuable messages in a fun way.

Here are some comments from Principals I have met who have used Molly’s resources.

“Rhymes are a child-friendly way of introducing children to the world of Literacy.

Children love to engage their prediction skills in order to guess rhyming words and as a result those who are sensitive to rhymes are well-equipped to develop their reading.

jill the creator of molly

Jill Leonard has tapped into this world of emerging skills, and along with the introduction of Molly, produced colourful, engaging rhymes in poster format.

These excellent resources will enable children to memorise rhymes which will portray important early years messages of child safety, healthy eating, religious tolerance and an understanding of diversity.”

“Introducing our pupils to Molly and her rhymes has enhanced their understanding of important PDMU Themes such as Healthy Living, Social Equality, Internet Safety and more in a child-friendly format.

Beautifully illustrated, these posters help pupils to develop age- appropriate language and vocabulary associated to key themes ,whilst the visuals and rhymes encourage pupils to think carefully and reflect.

The posters are a useful resource for teachers and a welcome reference guide for pupils”